Welcome to Mykonos...

“Mykonos is an island made from gods, for the people.”  
Is there anyone that doesn’t have something to say about Mykonos? Is there anyone that at least hasn’t heard about its deep blue seas, that hasn’t been washed by its imposing sun? Who wouldn’t yearn to live here unique moments in his life...

Mykonos is: sea full of iodine, a caress, transparent sky, perpetual motion, light, carved rock, a symphony between blue and white.

A small island though, rather sterile, dry, the sun burns, but also so endowed with golden beaches, magical nights, crystal clear sea, smart and pleasant people, and culture of several centuries. The predominant color of both old and new buildings, the “stone fish” and the surrounding low mountains, the touch of wind, the smells, the conversations, are characteristics that remain indelible in your memory.

Your day’s last choice after all the “wandering” in the alleys, will be Gialos, with a glass of ouzo, all kinds of people, and a terrific view of the colorful boats and tame pelicans.

Εverybody at night has a more intense mood, boosting your imagination and senses to the limit! You can experience, say and live whatever you want...That’s why you choose to come to Mykonos! Mykonos is not just a glamorous island…

Mykonos is YOU!

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